Yoga Day Festival 1

2018 saw Yoga Day Festival move to a new time and location. Held at the Darwin Waterfront, it was a perfect morning to gather the yoga community and practice asanas, meditation, deep relaxation and kirtan!

Over 200 yogis joined in the 4th annual Yoga Day Festival at the Waterfront.  This is a celebration of International Day of Yoga. The festivities included asana, meditation and kirtan, leaving everyone feeling a deep sense of peace!

Ben opened the celebration with energising pranayama and a Gauranga mantra chant –  a chant for peace. This set the tone for the festival and helped people move more into a meditative state.

It was a cool Darwin morning, so we quickly moved into sun salutes. And yes we did a bunch of them to keep warm!  Participants tried to find sunny spots to soak up the sun’s warmth. Normally, we’re trying to find shade to keep out of the sun!

Yoga Day Festival 2

Kalindi then took the class into some fun poses and partner work. There were certainly plenty of smiles and laughs all around as we boat posed together whilst trying to roll over on our backs!

The class started to wind down as we moved into seated postures and finally into a well-deserved savasana. Kalindi guided everyone through a deep relaxation whilst soft mantras were playing. The sound of the birds and ocean left everyone feeling completely relaxed.

Yoga Day Festival 3

To conclude the celebrations, Ashraya took everyone through a beautiful kirtan meditation with the chanting of Aum Hari Aum. The music and mantras were just divine and some people even danced along! It was awesome to see everyone blissing out and experiencing the deep happiness that kirtan has to offer.

The festival was a complete immersion of the yoga system and showcased how yoga is so much more than pranayama and asana. It is a beautiful way of living a life steeped in peace and harmony. Participants certainly experienced that at this year’s festival.

Look out for Yoga Day Festival coming to Darwin again in 2019!

Yoga Day Festival 4