What is Spiritual Love?

What is love and why is it so difficult to find? Why do we seek love and what does it actually feel like?

We all seek love, we all want to love someone and for someone to love us. This very thing drives our every decision in life so that we can ultimately experience the love that we so crave and deserve.

In yoga teachings, it is understood that we are not these physically bodies but rather we are a spiritual being/soul/atma who is temporarily residing within the body. Our real identity is this soul and it is us the soul, the person, that gives life the body.

If we can understand this basic principle of yoga teachings, then we can understand that the very nature of the soul is love. It is our essence; it is the very core of our existence. This is why we crave it so much and why it drives our every decision. It is so natural to us and it is not natural for us to experience the hardheartedness of this world.

However, up until this point, we have been seeking to fulfill this love externally with other people, things or whatever. This is likened to half empty cups trying to fill up other half empty cups. Seeking this love only with others will not be completely satisfying to us. What is this? It is because we are not completely perfect and all-satisfying.

Seeking Spiritual Love

We need to tap into the source and the reservoir of perfect love. This can be done simply by the practice of kirtan meditation. Kirtan is the singing or chanting of the names and qualities of the Divine. We start to wash away the hardness around our hearts and connect deeply with the Divine within our hearts. From the source of love, the Divine, we start to experience love on a much deeper level and therefore can love others in the truest sense.

This is spiritual love and no love offered in this world can compare. It gives us a deep sense of security, happiness, shelter, surrender and compassion. This is something that we have to experience for ourselves to truly understand what this spiritual love is.

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