Most people associate success with money and possessions, power and influence, fame, or beauty. So why is it that people who have all of these things (celebrities) have high rates of drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems and suicide?

Our education at school and university is geared toward finding success in money and possessions, power and influence, and fame. Success is so often determined by the size of our bank account, the car we drive, the number of followers we have on Twitter etc. This kind of success does not equal increased happiness. So many people who have everything are completely miserable.

Why is This?

We need to understand that we are the soul or self within this physical body and mind. In other words, we are not the body or the mind but rather we are the self. If we think we are the body or mind, then we try to happiness to satisfy the body and mind.

The problem is we have been trying to do this in so many ways whether it’s travelling, buying new clothes, eating at top restaurants, getting a new car or partying all hours of the night. We do experience happiness with these things but it is not touching the very core of our being. We still feel empty inside and maybe some loneliness too.

Discover Real Success

Success should not be defined by our material things – our external world. Rather it should be based on our internal happiness. We want to be happy. In fact, the nature of the self is to be blissful. Just like the essence of water is wetness, the essence of the self is happiness and love.

We need to find what makes us happy on the side to be truly successful in life. Meditation is the process by which we discover that happiness.

As stated by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda:

“According to yoga we shouldn’t set as our goal of life achievement of things which will not satisfy our hearts, are temporary, and come hand-in-hand with suffering. Instead, we should learn where true happiness can be found—a happiness that will bring us great joy, will truly satisfy our heart, and will not disappear.
Once having learned where that highest happiness can be found, we should live a lifestyle and make the primary focus of our time and attention on those yoga processes and practices that will help us achieve that goal.”

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