Respect is Necessary

Along my journey on the path of yoga, one of my biggest lessons has been RESPECT. There is so much behind this one word and can change your whole outlook on life. It is a very important part of the yoga system and is stressed in many yoga texts and by Vedic teachers.

What is Respect?

Respect is having due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

In the age of social media, we hide behind our screens and say whatever we feel regardless on the impact on others. Respect is something that doesn’t come into the equation when this happens. We get amped on our emotions and feel we have to defend our territory or ideas. Or we try to convert others to our way of doing things or way of thinking.

This is because we are not actually on a strong platform of real understanding and inner strength. The less steady we feel in our point of view, the more aggressive we will be to get our point across.

Respect is actually rooted in having deep sense of care of all beings. This care is held for everyone regardless of what nation they are from, what political preferences they have or anything else that they value differently from me.

There are actually more similarities between everyone than there are differences. We all want the same things in life: happiness, peace, security and acceptance.

However, we try to get these things externally through our relationships with others, our work, and our material possessions and so on. It never seems to completely satisfy us.

We need to turn inward and practice meditation and cultivate a real understanding and knowledge of things. This gives us a solid foundation or platform to base our lives upon and therefore our values and morals. When we are full inside, we are not seeking our happiness, acceptance and security externally.

How does this Impact on Respect?

We are not trying to convert everyone to our way of thinking. Rather, we are strong in our own morals and values and because we have experienced a deeper inner happiness, we are not trying to convince everyone to think or do as we want them to. Instead, we respect where they are at in their life, even if they are not respectful toward us.

We don’t necessarily have to agree with everyone or accept that others do or say, but we can have the decency to respect them for who they are without letting them impacting on our values.

Meditation Helps

Meditation has helped me to have more respect for others. I don’t get so wound up in the small stuff. It has helped me to clear all the junk from my mind and try to act from a place of wisdom and real understanding.

It helps us to truly understand that we are all spirit souls just temporarily residing within these bodies. We are all actually beautiful souls who are in nature full of happiness, love and knowledge. Being in this world, this reality becomes covered over.

From this understanding comes compassion and a deep spiritual love for all others regardless of who they are.

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