Louise, a mother of two beautiful children and owner of Darwin’s first vegan cafe, shares her yoga and meditation experience. She is a true inspiration and shows that anyone can meditate regardless of how busy life gets!

What was your life like before yoga and meditation?

Before yoga and meditation my life felt constantly busy, busy but I never really knew what my purpose was, I felt I was always chasing something, searching for something, having to set goals in order to keep my life going.

What inspired you to try yoga and meditation?

I was encouraged by a friend many times to come and try it, finally I made the time to do it, thankfully I made the time!

What was your first experience like?

My first experience with yoga was interesting! Realising I was quite tight and wound up and needed to do lots more yoga! My first experience with meditation, I vaguely remember thinking, this is a bit different, something I’ve never done before, but it feels good!

How has mantra meditation impacted on your life?

In summary, mantra meditation has brought peace and clarity into my life, I could talk all day on this, I really am blown away the change in my life in just 12 months, I know this is only the beginning.  It’s not just my life, it’s my family life too, friends, everything has been impacted for the better.

How do you feel now that you have meditation as part of your daily life?

I feel more stable, less fearful, peaceful.

Any obstacles or challenges you experienced?

Most definitely, in the beginning of the yoga practices, I encountered a lot of resistance from my mind, always finding or making a reason not to attend, once I recognised this, I was able to move through the challenges and continue.

Every so often I still encounter resistance, falling off, missing a few days here and there, but I feel it now, I feel when I’ve missed the practice.  It takes devoted commitment, everyday, but it’s so so worth it.

Any good or positive experiences that you would like to share?

For sure!! So many! Every single experience amongst Kirtan is positive! But seriously, I have had some breakthroughs whilst practising meditation, with clarity in what work I should be offering this world, and also with what I need to move on from, it has all come from the heart, which I know now, is the only way we should offer anything to this world .

How has the experience of meditation changed your perspective on life?

Oh wow… this is a big question!! Life was so confusing before, the meaning of life.  Everyday it becomes clearer and clearer with the continued practice of meditation.

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