Haruka has been practicing meditation for over 2 years and she shares how it has changed her life, especially with dealing with her mind. 

I moved to Australia in 2014. In the first one year I experienced lots of struggles with the language barrier, cultural difference, and finding a job. Especially in the environment where I was away from my family and friends.  It was just a few months later that I started mantra meditation. At first I couldn’t control my mind at all and didn’t even get the idea of observing the mind.

Deepening my Meditation

It took me a while, but when I finally started to understand how to, I noticed myself being a lot more calm than I used to be. When I realised that the true self is neither my body nor mind, I recognised lots of restrictions in this material world. But at the same time, my spirit experiences great freedom. It has helped me to release old thoughts and gain a much wider point of view for the real joy of life.

How I Now Deal with my Mind

Now I can deal with my mind more easily. When something bad happens, I now know how to react or how to recover. I feel stronger and more mental stable. Meditation is life-changing experience for me so far. I am also very excited to see how my life will continue to change through meditation in the future.


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