Our minds are so busy and so full. More and more people find it difficult to concentrate, to sleep, to find some rest and peace in their life. So how does meditation help? 

Meditation for the Busy Mind

When most people think of meditation, they think of someone sitting quietly trying to empty their mind. With our minds being so full and busy these days, this meditation seems near impossible!

Our mind is active and will always be active but how we direct the mind is key here. Enter Mantra Meditation. Man means mind and tra means to draw away. Mantras draw our consciousness away from our usual thoughts and take our focus onto the sound of the mantra.

Through mantra meditation, we gradually bring the mind under our control and really start to experience the peace and clarity that is available to all of us. The more we practice and focus on the sound, the more we are able to experience this.

Mantra Meditation for Peace of Mind & Soul

Not only do mantras bring peace and clarity to the mind, but they also purify the mind. This means that we will experience compassion, spiritual love and deep inner happiness. We will also experience less enviousness, hatred, and anger.

Mantras go deeper than the mind and actually nourish you the soul who is residing in the body. The soul needs spiritual food to feel inner happiness and satisfaction and mantras are that spiritual food. Not only do we experience this whilst we are meditating, but it will carry through the day as well.

Mantras can be said in the mind or out aloud and can be practiced with the breath, with japa mala or in group meditation (kirtan).

In the Bhagavad Gita, it says that the mind can be our best friend or worst enemy.  When we are full of stress and worry, the mind is our worst enemy but when we use the mind for meditation, it becomes our best friend over time.

Mantras for peace of mind:

Aum Hari Aum


Madana Mohana Murari

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