Meditation: The Art of Discipline

Most people come to meditation to relieve some stress or because they are going through a hard time, but to establish a dedicated meditation routine requires discipline.

There are so many benefits to practicing meditation with a lot of recent research to back this up. Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of meditation with numerous apps available to practice with. But still, many people find meditation difficult and are unable to establish a regular routine.

So many people give up meditation because they find it’s too hard, get bored or lose motivation to do it for whatever reason. Yes, it is definitely hard to establish a solid practice in the beginning because we are not used to disciplining our minds. We discipline our bodies by being careful what we eat or engaging in exercise but we never think to discipline our minds.

Up to now, we probably haven’t been very careful with how we engage our minds. It has such control over us that we often experience our minds as tumultuous and unfocused with a whirlpool of endless thoughts and desires. We experience anxiety, depression and often can’t sleep at night because of this.

To get out of this mind condition, we need a practice that starts to quieten the mind and bring clarity. This has massive flow-on effects to our life such as better decision-making and compassion for others.
Discipline requires determination to engage in meditation regardless of how we are feeling, what life is throwing our way or how busy we are. Anything that is worth pursuing requires some effort and perseverance.

So why engage in meditation then?

“For he who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy.” – Bhagavad Gita

How does the Mind become our Friend?

We must start a meditation practice; this is the best way to bring our minds under our control. The mind can be used as our tool rather than it having control over us. We are able to direct the mind how we want to for a higher purpose and goal in life. We feel clearer, more motivated, determined and most importantly, more satisfied and ultimately happy.

Yes meditation can feel like an uphill battle in the beginning, just like going to the gym feels like that for our body. Just like going to the gym, we start to see the results and changes in our body, the same happens when we engage in meditation. We start to see the changes in how we deal with our mind and its proposals.


Small is Beautiful

A good way to start is to set yourself a small goal. Try meditation every day for 5 minutes for 1 week. Actually do the meditation every day without fail even though you might be tired, busy or unmotivated. Then after that week, reflect on what difference it has made and then set yourself another achievable goal. Then after a while, your meditation practice is part of your daily routine just like eating, exercising or brushing your teeth are!

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