Are you feeling like you are caught in darkness –  in the black hole? You struggle with motivation, to find happiness in this life, to find your purpose and you are experiencing loneliness, purposelessness and sadness.

We are told that our happiness is in being grateful for what we have, buying nice things for ourselves or just trying to forget our problems. This doesn’t really cut it. We’ve tried so many ways to improve the situation but nothing really seems to get to the root of the problem.

How does Meditation help?

Meditation is a wonderful practice of ‘chanting’ or saying mantras. There are so many benefits of meditation, which actually gets to the root of the problem of depression.

Mantras not only help to bring peace and clarity to the mind, but they actually nurture you the person, the soul within. You the person are actually full of bliss, knowledge and eternality and mantras help to actually deeply realise this. Think about this – you are naturally happy. Your mind right now is telling you otherwise. By engaging in mantra meditation, you will rediscover this natural state of inner happiness.

This has actually been my experience. Over the years of practicing mantra meditation, my mind no longer goes to that dark place. I have experienced so much more happiness on this journey. Actually, it keeps getting better and better!!

Find your Life’s Purpose

The feeling of purposelessness is so disheartening and un-motivating. It’s hard to go through the motions of life without a reason for wanting to be active in life. By active, I mean actually living and being present in life not just going for the ride.

Through my practice of meditation, I have found a deep realization into my purpose and that my happiness is found is serving others. I have felt a deep motivation to try to help others to experience this also. It has brought so much joy to my life and to those around me – it is truly a life-changing experience.

So meditation is getting to the root of the problem of depression! Take the time to nourish you the person, the soul within and open up a whole world of possibilities.

I’d love to see you at one of our meditation sessions to find out how it can help you overcome your depression. Check out our timetable for more information.

Take care,