Making Spiritual Progress

Everyone is trying to get ahead in life and often feel like they are wasting their life if they are not constantly moving forward and making  progress. So what is ‘getting ahead’, ‘moving ahead’ and ‘progress’?

Majority of society sees getting ahead as obtaining a qualification, landing that dream job, then buying a house, nice car, accumulating all the toys and so on. We are all trying so hard to accumulate wealth and possessions. Then we hope to build a good reputation within our sphere. We also desire respect and acceptance by others, so we endeavour to have people appreciate our existence. The underlying desire of all of this to achieve happiness in our life.

As we move through our life, we then question ourselves on:

  • Have I achieved what I should have achieved by this point in my life?
  • What is the value of my life based on what I have achieved?

Are we actually experiencing happiness as we go through this journey? Are we feeling that the happiness we are looking for is somewhat elusive? Could this be because we are actually chasing the wrong goal? Have our efforts actually been wasted?

Chasing the Wrong Goal

There was once a football player. Somehow or other he got the ball and he started running full speed towards the goal. He was so happy and there was a stadium full of people all he could hear was just people screaming and yelling. He got a touchdown and was so happy and celebrating. But he found out he had actually run the wrong way. Everyone was actually screaming at him that ‘you’re going the wrong way!’.

This is a good example of how we can be going full speed and making progress toward our goal of ultimate happiness, but then realise we have been chasing the wrong goal that doesn’t actually bring us happiness. All our efforts have been wasted and what was the value in that.

So we need to be questioning our goals:

  • What happiness have others achieved from this attaining this goal?
  • Am I experiencing happiness along the journey?
  • At the end of my life, all my possessions, attachments, fame, reputation etc will be gone. So what is the value in trying to accumulate these things?

We only think in terms of this one life. But actually, we are eternal – we never die when this body is no longer useful to us. One of the principles of yoga teachings is to understand Aham Brahmasmi. I am an eternal spirit soul temporarily residing within this body (read more about the Real You).

The Eternal Goal

The goal of yoga teachings is to become fully self-realised in our identity, our purpose and where our goals should lie. We are encouraged to think about what goals and progress I am making now and the impact it has beyond this life we are currently experiencing. Our eternal goal is to be reunited with the Complete Whole or the Divine. This is the perfection of self-realisation and yoga.

In this united condition, which is saturated with spiritual love, we find the goal of perfect happiness (Read more about Spiritual Love). We can then render loving service in this state of complete satisfaction, peace and security. Everything that we have been looking for can be found in making progress toward this goal. And we experience increasing glimpses of this happiness along our journey, not just at the end goal. The journey and the goal give our life so much more purpose and meaning.

Start your journey and set your goal to discover real, lasting happiness by building a meditation practice (find out more about the need for Mantra Meditation). You are welcome to join us for any of our classes.