We experience envy when we see someone who has more beauty, more wealth, more strength, is funnier, has better career and so on. So why is envy a bad thing and why do we experience it?

We experience envy because we are trying to satisfy ourselves through our senses. When we see someone who has better facility to enjoy in this world, we feel envy toward that person. Therefore, we are always restless and trying to better than others so we can enjoy in this world better. We feel unhappy at someone else’s happiness. Sometimes we try to make that happy person feel unhappy just like we are experiencing because of this enviousness.

Experiencing envy is not a good thing. Other emotions such as frustration, jealousy, unkindness, and even hate or anger arise because of this. These emotions become all-consuming of our consciousness and can make us a bitter person. Who wants to be around this kind of person!! It is not our natural condition to experience these emotions.

Satisfy the Inner Craving

Firstly, we need to be satisfied within so that we do not crave what other people have. What does this mean? We need to understand that we are actually not these physical bodies or minds. They are temporary vehicles that we use to be in this world. We are eternal by nature and are referred to as the soul or self. The very essence of the soul (us) is love and happiness. So trying to satisfy ourselves through the external world will not cut it. By doing this, we will continue to experience the negative emotions like envy. Why? Because everything external to us is temporary and we experience temporary happiness. We need something deeper than this, something that actually touches us, the soul, deep within.

When we are satisfied within, we are no longer trying to fill ourselves up externally. Therefore, we do not feel enviousness when we see someone has more than what we do. We don’t feel we need more because we are peaceful and happy within.

How to Satisfy the Inner Craving

We are in need of inner nourishment that we can receive through mantra meditation and yoga wisdom. Mantra meditation helps to wash away the negative emotions we experience and replaces them with inner peace and happiness. Cultivating yoga wisdom helps us to understand what our place is in the world and how we can live the best life possible.

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