I sat down to do my meditation, so pumped for my first session and now bring on inner peace! What really happened was my mind was all over the place – mmmmm toast, oh crap focus…….what am I gonna wear today oh that new top I bought….Jenny really needs to lighten up ….oh crap focus. …. Is this how it goes for you?

The number one reason why people attend our meditation classes is because they want to control or calm the mind. The mind is constantly jumping from one thing to another and it doesn’t stop. Especially when trying to sleep, things get really out of control.

We need a practice that starts to bring the mind under control and that practice is meditation.

How do I control my mind during meditation?

First thing to remember is that we training our mind. Its like going to the gym for the mind. Yes the first session is the hardest and I’m sore for days but I start to feel good and I want more and more. I get stronger, fitter and going to the gym becomes easier.

Up until now, we have not tried to control the mind effectively and the external world has had an influence on how our mind is shaped.

The best thing to do is to set up a regular meditation practice for 1 week. Set aside 5 minutes every day to do it, even if you have to get up earlier or whatever. During that time, ignore the mind…yup ignore it. Thoughts are going to come. Recognise that you can’t control the thoughts but you will choose how you engage those thoughts. So let them go, let them float on by. This is passive neglect of the mind.

If you catch yourself following a train of thought, stop there and return back to the meditation. Don’t get frustrated or resentful, just refocus.

Focusing on mantras during meditation will make the practice easier and more enjoyable.

Then gradually, just like going to the gym, the meditation becomes easier and it will become the foundation for the rest of our life.

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