Life is full of ups and downs. Its feels like we’re on the see-saw a lot of the time, sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. We don’t feel that we have a place of refuge, shelter than we can actually rest our weary, tired selves. But we crave a shelter, a foundation that we can base our lives upon.

I remember thinking (pre-yoga days) that when things were going great – I was feeling healthy, the sun was shining, having fun with friends – that soon those good times would disappear. The see-saw would go down again. I would try to hang onto the good times for as long as I could!! And sure enough, that see-saw would go down again.

We experience so much trouble in our life with our relationships with our friends and family, work situations, weather, and with our bodies and minds. But yet, we try to find shelter in our relationships, in trying to stay busy, running away from our problems, in social media, in alcohol, in drugs (legal and illegal). It doesn’t bring us ultimate happiness and shelter because these experiences are all temporary. Yes we may have a great night out on a Friday night, but gee we feel like crap the following day! Everything in this life is temporary – including the happiness that we try so hard to hang onto. The bad experiences are also temporary.

Rather than trying to take shelter in everything around us, external to ourselves, we need to find a solid platform that is the basis of our life. A real and eternal platform. So how do we transcend the duality and find that solid platform?

Enter Meditation

For me, that is my meditation practice. It is my time to turn inward and simply let the mantras wash over me. Since adding meditation to my life, I have never felt so solid, so secure, happy, peaceful and full with purpose. The ups and downs do not affect me as much. It has become more and more like water off a duck’s back. It doesn’t rock my internal world.

There are many ways to practice meditation:

Just simply add meditation to your life in whatever way you can.

My sister is also a yoga and meditation teacher and she was sharing a story from one of her students, Rose* (name changed). Rose had found out that she had cancer and was undergoing chemo treatment. She was feeling quite nervous and scared about this. Whilst she was having the treatment, she started to say the mantras in her mind and then softly out loud. And wow, she said she never felt so peaceful and relaxed even whilst facing this scary thing! Rose was able to take shelter in these beautiful mantras during her storm and found a foundation of complete peace.

Let these beautiful mantras become your refuge, where you can return to when the storms of life hit. Simply rest your ears, mind and then your heart on the transcendental sound and find your inner peace and ultimately, happiness. Even in the face of the storm.

You will find with time you can weather the storm, you can turn inward and the be at the calm centre. So regardless of whether you are happy or sad, healthy or unhealthy, successful or failing – take these mantras and chant them as much as you can!

One of my favs: