We are so distracted with our devices, stresses and worries that we are no longer being mindful or present in our daily lives. Here are our 5 ways to have mindful living which will lead to greater happiness and gratefulness everyday.  (more…)

Most people associate success with money and possessions, power and influence, fame, or beauty. So why is it that people who have all of these things (celebrities) have high rates of drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems and suicide? (more…)

Louise, a mother of two beautiful children and owner of Darwin’s first vegan cafe, shares her yoga and meditation experience. She is a true inspiration and shows that anyone can meditate regardless of how busy life gets! (more…)

Yoga: Harmony in Life

April 20, 2017


Most people think of yoga as being the exercises or poses that are splashed all over social media. The ancient yoga system is to actually bring our lives into harmony through various processes. (more…)

Are you feeling like you are caught in darkness –  in the black hole? You struggle with motivation, to find happiness in this life, to find your purpose and you are experiencing loneliness, purposelessness and sadness.