Many people comment on how good their sleep is after a meditation class. Many studies have proved that meditation can improve sleep so why is this?

A lot of people have trouble sleeping because their minds are very active …and it always seems to be when we’re trying to go to sleep!

Our Active Mind

Our minds become over-stimulated because of the way we engage the mind. It is like this because everything we have experienced in our lives is recorded in the mind. Everything we have seen, touched, smelled, heard and tasted. On a daily basis, we feed our minds so much information through all the conversations we’ve had, food we’ve tasted, images seen etc. This all makes imprints in the mind and it often repeats back to us when we are trying to sleep!

It is usually when we are experiencing stress or anxiety that we find it very difficult to have a good night’s sleep.

Meditation to Improve Sleep

Mantra meditation is highly effective for calming the mind and bringing a sense of peace. So instead of focussing on all the problems in our life, we can place our focus on the sound of the mantra. This has a completely calming effect on the mind and allows us to simply rest our weary selves in the sound. When we meditate in this way, we’re not thinking of all the things our mind suggests as so important. The mantras also have a cleansing effect on the mind over time, so we will become less and less disturbed by the mind.

Mantra meditation has the ability to liberate us from our stresses and anxieties if we simply add this meditation to our lives. Not only do we experience better sleep, but we will develop clarity so we can make better decisions in our lives. We will become less affected by the stresses and worries of this world as a result.

Mantras have a purifying effect on the mind. So mantras not only calm the mind, but also bring clarity and insight into how you can live your life for the better.

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