Add Meditation To Your Life

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Whether you are a student, a taxi driver or a busy mum, meditation will help you to deal with life’s challenges in a positive way. Meditation can lower your levels of stress and therefore have a positive effect on your body and mind. But the benefits of meditation go much deeper than relieving stress. Through the practice of meditation a person can overcome anxiety and depression and experience an actual inner spiritual fulfilment or happiness.

The secret to gaining the benefits is to practice it regularly. By starting your day with 15 minutes of meditation, you will find that your whole day flows more smoothly.

The timeless art of meditation has been practiced by saints and sages since ancient times to bring about the joyful state of self-realisation. In this consciousness a person is free from temporary worries, anxieties and concerns and is immersed in a higher spiritual happiness and inner peacefulness.

Benefits of Meditation

An increasing number of people want a lifestyle which will help them achieve overall well-being physically, mentally and spiritually. Because this is what yoga offers, we find that people are naturally attracted to it and are interested in its practice and applying its principles and techniques to their lives. The benefits of meditation are endless and may help to:

  • Relieve and anxiety
  • Improve clarity and peace of mind
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Promote healthy habits
  • Better decision-making
  • and so much more

Meditation for a Peaceful Mind

The word “mantra” is a Sanskrit word that has two parts; “Man” means mind, “Tra” to draw away from. In the practice of mantra meditation the mind and heart are drawn away from the material dimension with all of its hassles, stresses, worries, etc, that continue to burden us.

In meditation, you’re focusing your mind on the mantra and gradually the mind develops an attraction or a taste for the mantra, for the spiritual dimension itself, and finds comfort in it and relaxation in it and rest in it. So the mind gradually experiences restfulness or peacefulness in the mantra.

What is a Mantra?

Yoga philosophy speaks about the Original Cause or Source of everyone and everything. Mantras are spiritual sound vibration springing from the Original Cause that have the effect of reconnecting us with that source we have all come from.

Mantras have no material origin they are eternal and transcendental. They can be found in the Vedas or ancient yoga texts and have been passed down by the self-realised sages in the yoga lineages since time immemorial.

Meditation – A Path of Self Discovery

Meditation is a path of self discovery it is inseparable from the yoga system. The culmination and definition of yoga—is perfect spiritual love. Darwin Yoga and Meditation’s purpose is to pass on the various yoga and meditation practices to help individuals move toward the transcendent (i.e. to achieve their optimum physical, mental, spiritual well-being).

The wisdom of the yoga texts teach that our actual identity is we are eternal spirit souls, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul. Meditation helps purify our consciousness so we come to understand our real spiritual identity.

Kirtan is a dynamic call-and-response sacred world music that incorporates the voices of the audience right into the performance. Kirtan is a spiritual journey, a form of bhakti yoga — the yoga of devotion.

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