Kalindi loves to share her passion for hatha yoga and meditation with others. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 6 years and is always inspired by seeing others benefit from these beautiful practices.

Yoga has brought a deep meaning and purpose to her life and encourages others to find the same. When not inspiring others to practice yoga, you’ll find Kalindi crunching numbers and eating Ben’s cooking.



Between his yoga and meditation practice and classes ,Ben runs his remedial massage business: Mending Muscle. It’s all a bit of a juggle sometimes, but thankfully he has his meditation practice which gives him focus, clarity and the wisdom to make the better choices in life – most of the time anyway!

When Ben is not doing the above he is either eating, cooking or doing the dishes. Ben also has a keen interest in Vedic philosophy and gives talks every Sunday at Nightcliff Community Centre.

Ben is a qualified yoga teacher and also has Bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science, as well as qualifications in remedial massage.


Enliven and Enlighten

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