7 day detoxIf you are finding that you spend waaay too much time in front of a screen, try this 7-day device detox and pick up a meditation ritual instead!! You will feel less cluttered in the head and start to experience some clarity in your daily life.

Detox Day 1

Right before bed, put all of your devices on silent for half an hour. Grab yourself some cushions and find somewhere comfy to sit or lie down. Listen to this beautiful meditation track for 15 minutes, allowing you to be guided into a deep relaxation.

Once you have finished your meditation, start getting ready for bed but leave your devices on silent. Only have your phone beside your bed if you use it for an alarm and keep your phone on silent whilst you sleep.  This will ensure you are not woken by any messages or phone calls. Don’t worry, these can all wait until the morning.

Detox Day 2

Follow the same as day 1, but this time add a Gauranga breathing meditation to your practice before bed. Practice this for about 5-10 minutes depending on how much time you have. Again, leave your phone and devices on silent whilst you do this.

Remember that you are on a device detox, it can feel hard in the beginning but it will get easier!


Detox Day 3

Now I’d like you to try your Gauranga breathing meditation practice to the morning. Avoid the temptation to check your phone when you wake up and for the first 1 hour of the day.

One hour before bed, put your phone on silent and resist the urge to check your phone. Then just before bed, practice this mindfulness meditation leaving your phone on silent whilst you practice.

Detox Day 4

Continue to practice your meditation as you did on day 3.

Buy yourself an alarm clock and use this for your alarm instead of your phone. When you go to bed, leave your phone in another room. Continue to resist checking your phone on waking or before going to bed.

The detox should be really kicking in now and hopefully you are experiencing more clarity with less time on your phone! And you’ve gained time to engage in other positive activities.

Detox Day 5

Continue to practice your meditation as per the previous days. Maybe try meditating for a longer period of time. Leave your phone in another room when you go to bed and use your new alarm instead.

When you go to check social media, be aware of your reason for checking it. Is it because you are bored? Or feeling lonely? Or your mind is hassling you and it needs some stimulation? If you answered yes to any of these, why not call someone and have a good chat, pick up a book, practice your meditation or do some exercise instead. Try to engage your mind in a more connected, positive and creative way. You will feel much happier when you do this.

When you get home from your day, try turning your phone off for a few hours and engage is some of your favourite positive and nourishing activities.

Detox Day 6

Continue to practice your meditation as per the previous days. Choose any of the meditations that you like:

Gauranga Breathing



Turn your phone off for a few hours – whether that is 2 hours or half a day. Use this time for your meditation, connecting with nature or your loved ones, or getting creative!

Detox Day 7

Now for the big challenge – no devices for the whole day. Yup that’s right, no laptop, tv, phone or anything. This is your chance to really disconnect from all the busiest and take the day to nurture, recharge and nourish. Whatever this may be for you: going for a bushwalk, reading, journalling, doing some exercise or of course, spending some time in meditation.

If you need to, let others know that you will be uncontactable for the day and give them an alternative if there is a need.

Try increasing your meditation practice today by spending more time in your Gauranga breathing meditation in the morning. Then again, allocate more time to your mindfulness or relaxation meditation in the evening.


Well done on completing the detox! Come back to this 7 day detox as much as you need to or implement parts of it as part of your daily routine.

How did you go with your meditation practice? Meditation is the most beneficial daily ritual that we can adopt. Try to continue with your practice or join us for any of our classes.