We are so distracted with our devices, stresses and worries that we are no longer being mindful or present in our daily lives. Here are our 5 ways to have mindful living which will lead to greater happiness and gratefulness everyday. 

1.Add Meditation Everyday

This is the most important thing that we can do be more mindful in our daily lives. Taking time out, whether its 5 to 10 minutes or more, gives us time to tune out the things we are worrying about. Mantra meditation is especially powerful to bring about peace in the mind and draws us into the present moment. It also flows into every aspect of our mindful lives so that we can have more meaningful relationships, better choices, enhanced clarity of mind and so much more.

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2. Put Away the Device

According to Men’s Health Magazine, the average Australian spends 2.5 hours on their device everyday…yes everyday! That’s a total of 38 days every year. Our time is so precious and we cannot get it back! So let’s challenge ourselves to turn off our phones for 1/2 hour everyday so that we can do something more mindful like practising meditation, having a present conversation with our friends or family or doing our favourite hobby.

3. Practice Listening

Listening attentively is one of the hardest things to do! When we’re having a conversation usually our phone distracts us, we’re thinking about our response, or our mind is racing with other thoughts. To actually listen to someone requires being present, mindful and ultimately actually caring about the other person. If we don’t care about them, we will not listen properly and miss an opportunity to really be mindful with our ears and our words.

4. Work Life Balance

“I wish I could work harder” said no one ever. Our time is so precious and most people wish they had more time to spend doing the things they really want to do; like being with friends and family, taking up a meditation practice or having some solitude time. We can start by disconnecting our work emails from our phone. Then we are not distracted by work in our personal time. Once this has been done, we can finish work on time at least a couple of days a week and use that time wisely.

5. Adopt Healthy Habits

Change is hard, but with perseverance we can slowly transform our habits so that they positively influence our lives. Rather than trying to change everything about our lives, do it one habit at a time. For example, by turning the phone off for 1/2 hour everyday so we don’t spend so much time on social media, use that time to establish a meditation practice. Then find another ‘bad’ habit and replace it with a healthy habit, like yoga, exercise, quality with family and friends or whatever it may be.

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