Have you tried to meditate but found it too hard? Lost motivation? Or couldn’t find the time? Try these top tips to get you on the path on inner peace and happiness.

Tip 1: Set Yourself an Achievable Goal

We all get pretty excited when we learn something new and we have this attitude of ‘go hard or go home’. This is not the case with meditation at all! It is much better start with something small that you can easily do every day – yes every day! When I first started my home practice, I started with 10 minutes and I made sure I did it every day. Over the years, I have very gradually built up that time as my priorities changed and I was able to find more time to do meditation.

If doing meditation every day seems daunting (it did to me!!), then set yourself a short goal – I will do meditation every day for 7 days. Then assess at the end of the 7 days and see if you can do 14 days or whatever works for you.

Tip 2: Practice with Care & Attention

When you are practicing mantra meditation, it is important to say the mantra with focus and care. Say each syllable clearly and just loud enough so that you can hear it. The more you are able to do this, the more enjoyable your practice will be. Yes meditation is enjoyable! You will grow to like it more and more.

Tip 3: Create a Meditation Space

It is so much easier to meditate when you are away from the distractions of your devices, others in your house etc. Why not create a space whether it’s in your room, garden or a separate room in your house to be your meditation space. Create a peaceful atmosphere with calming images, a meditation cushion or chair, incense or oils, and soft peaceful music.

Tip 4: Calm that Monkey Mind

Some days are harder to do meditation and other days you feel like you are on meditation fire! For the days when it seems so hard to focus, try doing some breathing first. Spend a few minutes watching your breath and your mind will start to calm down as well. Remember that you are not your mind and any thoughts that are hassling you, try to let them pass on. Don’t get frustrated with yourself, just be aware of what is going on and try to passively neglect the thoughts.

Even if you are unable to focus due to high stress or body pain, the mantras will have an effect on you regardless of how much you were able to focus. Yes, the benefits are better the more you can focus, but the beauty of mantras is that it will have an impact on your mind and heart. Just keep doing it and it will become easier and easier over time.

Tip 5: Have Fun with your Meditation

Who said meditation was serious? Mantra meditation is fun – it makes you happy, full of life and completely satisfied in your heart. So whilst you are meditating, you can smile, laugh, cry, and feel warmth in your heart – this is all completely normal.

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